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High Intensity Arm Blaster Workout

If you train to gain, eat to grow, and you’re committed to the iron lifestyle, then this arm blaster workout is for you. They will help build strength and size in your arm muscles. Take these up seriously, you will… Continue Reading →

7 Effective Ways to Stay Fit at Work

Prolonged sitting has been linked to poor posture, lower back pain and an increased risk for type-2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. If you’re one of those who spend most of the time sitting in front a desk, then you’re at… Continue Reading →

10 Minute Killer Core Tabata Workout

Previously on FitMonk, you’ve learnt on how to start with Tabata Training. Here, you’ll be introduced to a 10 minute killer core Tabata workout which help you to get in better shape. This workout will also help in burning fat for… Continue Reading →

How Strength Training can make you lean and strong

The one activity that cuts fat, builds muscle, boots metabolism, reduces the risk of heart attack, strengthens bones and improves sexual appeal is Strength Training. One of the prime benefits apart from above mentioned is that strength training can make… Continue Reading →

10 Bizarre Ways Sex can make you a Better Person

Since early man times, the art of love making (sex) has meant different things for different regions and cultures. For some people it is magical and for others it is purely physical and a form of pleasure. Few people also… Continue Reading →

5 Reasons that you need to switch for Organic Makeup

Cosmetics and skincare products are essential beauty products employed by the massive majority of girls, all around the world. Wearing makeup gives the girl’s freedom to share their styles, in a manner that is most empowering, while products permit their… Continue Reading →

Top 4 Fitness Secrets of Deepika Padukone

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It requires dedication, discipline, consistency and hard work to attain a body as fabulous and envious as Deepika Padukone. Right from her childhood, Deepika has always been a fitness freak. Before she joined the film industry she had been a… Continue Reading →

What is your Fitness IQ? Take the Quiz

While there are so many online fitness IQ quizzes, this will really help you to assess your basic knowledge on health and fitness. With more people getting interested and responsible towards health, this will be a starting step towards a… Continue Reading →

Nutrients: Building Blocks of a Healthy Physique

Nutrients are life-sustaining substances found in food. They work together to supply your body with energy and structural materials. Nutrients also helps to regulate growth, maintenance and repair of the body’s tissues. Nutrients can be divided into macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients. There… Continue Reading →

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